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Bohemian Elegant Wedding Inspiration

March 19, 2012 to March 23, 2012

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Amelia Gown

Monday March 19, 2012

Casually sexy...unconventionally modern...creatively trendy...wanting a wedding fit for the unique soul. You are a Bohemian Elegant Bride flourishing in all things different and a perfect match for the Amelia Gown by J.Crew. Inspired by the 70's, this beautiful gown radiates carefree comfort with its silk chiffon and polished style with its hand beaded collar dazzling with Czech glass crystals. Wearing this gown, you'll float down the aisle, you'll dance the night away, you'll glow and sparkle like the beautiful bride you are!

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Tuesday March 20, 2012

So what will bring happy tears to the Bohemian Elegant Bride? The Ace Hotel Palm Springs, of course. It's a hip and funky hotel in Palm Springs, California that has just the right vibe to satisfy your need to stay outside of the box. Experience a lot of post modern architecture, a lot of bohemian style rooms, a lot of pool space, a lot of recycled materials, a lot of vintage furniture...a lot of everything cool!

(Contact Information: www.acehotel.com, events.psp@acehotel.com, 760-325-9900)

Save the Date Set-Roman Crown

Wednesday March 21, 2012

Being dull and boring is not your style, you're a Bohemian Elegant Bride who pops with eclectic personality. Naturally, you need a save the date card that does the same. The Save the Date Set-Roman Crown by Ello There is a perfect addition to your Bohemian Elegant Wedding. With it's bold lettering and festive roman crown, it is the details of this charming, handmade design that will communicate your style and your stylish wedding. No doubt, your special date is bound to be memorable!

Astral Recycled Glass Collection

Thursday March 22, 2012

You absolutely adore decor with an old world charm, but you also instantly smile when you see decor with a modern twist. So which style works for your wedding? Both! A Bohemian Elegant Bride doesn't need to choose because your style is the best of both worlds, and you have that with the Astral Recycled Glass Collection by VivaTerra. The entire silver coated recycled glass collection is the perfect way to personalize your reception. Use the candlesticks to illuminate the room...use the pedestal bowl to beautify floral blooms...use the modern materials and classic design of this collection to get some oohs and aahs!

Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Friday March 23, 2012

For a Bohemian Elegant Bride, every element in your wedding has to have a unique story. So imagine yourself walking down the aisle with one of these gorgeous, hand woven stories draped around you as you make your way to your one true love...or imagine yourself at the altar hand in hand with your partner standing on one of these decorative, vintage stories as you say your vows. These stories are the Moroccan Wedding Blankets (Handira) from l'aviva home with their beautiful fringe and dazzling sequins. They are wonderful stories about culture, tradition, magical protective powers, and now your amazing Bohemian Elegant Wedding!

It's been a fabulous week! Check out the Puzzle Complete section below for final thoughts!

Puzzle Complete!

Congratulations your wedding puzzle is complete! The Amelia Gown by J.Crew is the inspiration for this wedding with it's uniquely carefree and beautifully polished look. The Ace Hotel Palm Springs, your venue, is a hip and funky spot to celebrate your special day. The Save The Date Set-Roman Crown by Ello There is a charmingly detailed card that bursts with style. The Astral Recycled Glass Collection by VivaTerra is a combination of modern materials and classic design, making it the perfect way to personalize your reception. The Moroccan Wedding Blankets from l'aviva home are gorgeous, handwoven pieces that add story to your wedding. Together, they make up your Bohemian Elegant Wedding!

Come back next week for the Sweetly Detailed Wedding!

Completed Wedding Puzzle Inspirations

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Royal Blue Summer
Bohemian Beach
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Shabby Chic
Eclectic Formal
Bohemian Arrow
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My Rustic DIY Post Wedding
My Wedding
Holiday White and Red
Black Bow
Cozy Casual
Romantic Woodland
Geometric Modern
Elegant Constellation
Rustic Bohemian Halloween
Handmade Blush Pink
Grey and Yellow Gold
Rustic City
Warm Autumn
Vintage Red and Cream
Metallic Modern
Safari Country
Unique Lace
Splash of Pink and Purple
Lovely Backcountry
Vibrant Black and White
Nautical Elegance
Gold Party
Mountain Blush
Dramatically Classic
Charmingly Unique
Elegantly Calm
Formal Seaside
Stylishly Rainbow
Vintage Comfort
Eclectically Natural
Sophisticated Reader
Southern Lace
Sunset Beauty
Golden Glamour
Tropical Island Story
Colorfully Modern
Rustic Charm
Sweetly Detailed
Bohemian Elegant
Artistically Timeless
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