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Sunset Beauty Wedding Inspiration

April 30, 2012 to May 4, 2012

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Three Quarter Sleeve, Embroidered V-neck Gown

Monday April 30, 2012

You have a specific time of day in mind for your wedding...not just any time, but the most amazingly warm and calming time. You are a Sunset Beauty Bride who wants a wedding that illuminates you and your honey's love of soft and carefree fabrics, rich ombre colors, natural desert landscapes, and of course bright beautiful sunsets. So prepare yourself because falling head over heels in love will be an effortless gesture with this gorgeous Three Quarter Sleeve, Embroidered V-Neck Gown by Saja. Delicate, light, and feminine...this 100% silk gown glows beautifully with its creative and unique details...making it impossible for you not to glow even more as you celebrate your special day!

Sacred Sands

Tuesday May 1, 2012

Let's face it, weddings can often be a stressful situation for even the most calm person. So why not alleviate some of that stress by picking the most amazingly relaxed and tranquil wedding venue you can find. Grab a pencil, a piece of paper, just write this down...Sacred Sands located near the west entrance of the Joshua Tree National Park, California is the perfect location for your Sunset Beauty Wedding! With its unique strawbale home and spectacular desert views (beautiful sunsets included), this gorgeous bed and breakfast provides luxurious, modern, and peaceful accommodations. In this serene setting, you will be adding the ultimate party favor to your wedding...deep relaxation and rejuvenation!

Ombre Wedding Invitations

Wednesday May 2, 2012

As a Sunset Beauty Bride, you want an invitation that sets a colorfully calming tone for your wedding! So why not send your friends and family the gorgeous Ombre Wedding Invitations by Minted. Warm and rich graduated tones that look like a unique painting of a sunset...this instant smile maker will say to your guests in a sweet voice, "You are cordially invited to the most serene wedding you have ever attended!"

Terracotta Ombre Wedding Cake

Thursday May 3, 2012

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself on your amazing Sunset Beauty Wedding Day. You just had a wonderfully tranquil ceremony amongst the stunning desert scenery, and now the reception has started with a whole lot of smiles, clapping, and oohs and awes because of one very important wedding element...the most beautiful wedding cake you and your guests have ever seen! Now open your eyes and say hello to that dream come true also known as the Terracotta Ombre Wedding Cake by Olofson Design. With gorgeous warm tones, beautifully crafted textures, and deliciously sweet flavors...this work of art is the essence of natural beauty and earthy sophistication. Now that's a cake that definitely deserves a round of applause!

Cactus Bouquet

Friday May 4, 2012

Roses...not exactly. Tulips...not quite right. Hydrangeas...I don't think so. For your Sunset Beauty Wedding, you are looking for very specific florals that accentuate your crush with colorfully warm beauty and unique desert earthiness. So listen to your self say yes to the one of a kind Cactus Bouquet by Arrangements Floral and Party Design. Gorgeously created with succulents, pencil cactus, pin cushion proteas, and wrapped with textured ribbons...this amazing bouquet is without question a true representation of aesthetic perfection. As you walk down the aisle with this eye catching artistry, there won't be a loss for words...everyone will want to say every possible adjective that best describes their feeling of oh my gosh, this is an amazingly stylish bouquet!

What other things would you add to the Sunset Beauty Wedding? Leave a comment...I would love to hear what you think!

It has been a superb week! Check out the Puzzle Complete section below for final thoughts!

Puzzle Complete!

Congrats your wedding puzzle is complete!  The Three Quarter Sleeve, Embroidered V-Neck Gown by Saja is the inspiration for this wedding with its delicate, light, and feminine details.  The Sacred Sands, your venue, is a unique bed and breakfast perfect for achieving deep relaxation and rejuvenation on your wedding day. The gorgeous Ombre Wedding Invitations by Minted have just the right elements to communicate a colorfully calming tone to your guests.  The Terracotta Ombre Wedding Cake by Olofson Design is a work of art bursting with natural beauty and earthy sophistication. The Cactus Bouquet by Arrangements Floral and Party Design is a one of a kind creation radiating colorfully warm beauty and unique desert earthiness. Together, they make up your Sunset Beauty Wedding!   

Come back next week for the Southern Lace Wedding!

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